Quick Catch Up...

Here is a quick montage of our activities for the last couple of months leading up to the move and for the two months we have lived here. I just haven't got round to getting them on the blog at the right time.
I'm preparing to get back to Childminding again so will slowly begin to get back into the swing of things :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Air Heads

We just popped out to the shop to get some balloons to make some stress balls, only to get home and discover they were tiny little balloons and no good for what we wanted. So we grabbed some old magazines that I had found and cut out some face bits and created our air heads. It ended up being much more fun than stress balls - although we will come back to them when I find large enough balloons.
We have 2 lady balloons (one of them is Mrs Elvis if you look closely), 1 bald daddy with a moustache, and 1 Cyclops airhead.

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